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ADMIRAL (BSG vid and song)

vid by Ceres
song by Triple K :-)

My Admiral, you were flying by thousands miles.
You didn't feel the tender of the stars.
You really knew, what was lying ahead
Now we need to go, but there will be a halt
Among the stars we should believe in new life
Among the stars a new home awaits us
Among the stars we should keep on fighting
But you are a hero, and it means you already won.

You're just a soldier, you're just tired.
You must know, we're ready to fight.
Between us there is no more lie
Life is a bitch, and then we all die.

Nights and days are very long, If you didn't choose
Nights and days are very long, but it's time to go
Nights and days are stronger than armour if there's luck
Nights and days are so cold, if nobody waits us
If happiness can kill us then we'll die with a smile
Today the air smells like honey, and we can still fly..
I am not afraid. We all know what is pain
All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

ЗЫ: Ох как долго мы тебя рожали творили!)))
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